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The use and maintenance of leather bags

1, to keep dry, stored in cool and ventilated office.

2, avoid sun-dried, roasted, washing, sharp object impact and exposure to chemical solvents.

3, handbags without any water handling procedures, wet bags, please dry with a soft cloth to avoid leaving stains or watermarks Ershi the surface wrinkles. If the rainy days should be used, special attention.

4, should not be used indiscriminately shoe polish.

5, frosted pitche bogey wet water, should be based on raw rubber brush and special cleaning care products should not be used shoe polish.

6, should be carefully protect all metal parts, in conditions of high humidity and salt can cause oxidation. Magic bullet to save leather handbag

7. Leather handbag when not in use, it is best placed in cotton on behalf of the Save, do not put plastic bags because plastic bag ventilation, make leather is too dry and damaged. The best bag stuffed with some soft toilet paper, in order to maintain the shape of purses. If no suitable bags, old pillowcase is also shared.

8. Handbags and shoes, as is another type of active substance, using the same bag every day, it is likely to cause cortical elastic fatigue, it should be like the same shoes, several interactive use; bag wet if you do not care , and can be the first with a dry towel dry water, which then plugs more newspapers, magazines and the like dried up, Do not directly in the sun insolation, that would make your favorite bags fade, deformation.

Attentive care 
Well-intentioned can also become a bad thing, maintenance of leather, too, if the mistake to spend the rough texture of detergent, powder detergent, or organic cleaning solvents, will result in varying degrees of damage to leather. In general, routine cleaning and maintenance is sufficient to use a mild soap solution (with damp cloth should then be re-Kai Ma, do not to wash leather immersion in water). On the market find a leather cleaner was also very effective, but also contains a lubricant, leather itself can maintain flexibility. Stubborn dirt may use a mild detergent to deal with, or need professional cleaning treatment.  If the leather has worn the situation can be coated with a colorless non-oily leather care cream, let trickle after the re-use a clean soft cloth to polish, you can make to reproduce the bright shiny leather, you can also prevent the leather dry. 
No matter which type you selected the "" truth of the King "" Leather products, leather and above maintenance to provide you with secret sauce, will definitely love my heart will enable you to maintain the most beautiful face,with your chic road, to show charm of style.
Against foreign infringement. Even the most beautiful leather goods will not be resting on the side gives the watch, we have every day Yongde Zhao them: as simple as put into the daily, and even traveled the world to accompany our journey, so it is shoes, leather accessories, handbags, travel bags, leather gloves and so forth will wear. Here are a few of the most common examples of damage leather and processing methods.
Stain spots.Use a clean sponge coated with a mild soap or white wine, alcohol, dirt Kai Ma, the Silk Road re-use of water and then let the leather dry naturally. If the stain is very stubborn, it may use detergent solution to deal with, but must be careful Kai Ma, to avoid damage to leather surface.

High temperature and sunlight 
Try not to make contact with leather goods, with the sun or near any heating device, or leather will become more and more dry, and the flexibility and softness of leather will gradually disappear.


Immediately with a clean cloth or sponge to sap Kaigan, if necessary, can be stained with a clean rag wipe warm juice and let the leather dry naturally.

Butter or oil 
Wipe the surface with a clean cloth of oil, so that the remaining grease and slowly infiltrated into leather, do not go to Kai Ma greasy water.

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