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Newly purchased shoes wear heels, how can I do?

Newly purchased shoes, always put my heels frayed, do not wear it, unfortunately, and wear it, feet suffer. In the online search a bit to find the following solution, hope to be useful! 
  1. Jiujin France: The white wine (25 grams) into the new shoes, the rock several times, put one hour after the wear, cortical plate is no longer hard, shoes are no longer pinch. If this is the edge of grinding foot shoes, such as heels, they may dry the wet paper towels, and then fully saturated with white wine, with a clip fixed to the grinding foot office shoes site, place a night, will no longer wear the next day Zaichuan. 
  2. Roll pressure method: If the new shoes, the edge part of the grinding pin can be used wet towels in the grinding area cover their feet a few minutes to make it moist soft, and then use cylindrical objects (such as glass sub) roll pressure forced several times to grind feet The site held down smooth, it will no longer grind feet. 
  3. Wedge palm Law: If the new shoes pinch situation is more serious, can be used wet towels cover their wet, and then wedge shoes, stretch, wear on the cis-feet.
  4. Hammer Law: If the new shoes sole grind feet, can be set in the shoe cripple, and with the percussion hammer force will be grinding at percussion foot formation, will no longer grind feet. If there are no shoes, cripple, can also be used instead of the other iron
  5. Vaseline law: If the shoe heel is too hard, grinding ankle, it would take should raise with the Department of cooked Zaichuan specific approach is to repeatedly coated with Vaseline grinding foot piece of leather, then place the two days, so this piece of leather Gentle will be a lot smoother, there could not wear feet.

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