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Shoes Maintenance Tips
Real leather shoes on the streets is not the kind of care and cleaning shoes - and extended a foot rub a rag to wipe the above. Professional care is patient and meticulous leather shoes, take a pair of smooth leather shoes, for example, 10 programs have to be meticulous.
1, Clean shoes, shoes side. Using a special leather clean water, because the shoes can not be in contact with water, and clean water is also dedicated to cortex does not fade, not yellow.
2, Cleaning shoes, sewing, shoe. Then use the cleansing cream, can not use toothbrushes, toothbrush bristles can scratch the cortex. Decontamination cream used after cleansing cream to use a towel to wipe clean.
3, The shoe polish. Professional is often used in solid shoe polish, so that a heavier oil. If the shoe polish to fight inequality, there will be a different brightness.
4, Drying. End of a shoe polish on it after 3 minutes into the disinfection tank drying, the temperature at about 50-70 , disinfection of the hot box to enable the oil to better infiltration into the leather inside. If the shoes dirty, to multi-purpose decontamination paste several times, so we have to first dried and then oiled, because the decontamination of water containing cream also.
5, Large brush polishing. To absorb excess oil to fight the gloss came out. Then towel leather polishing the surface of the oil until it took on the white shoes will not rub the dirty.
6, The shoe milk. EC of shoes heavier and more moisture cortex. Then re-bake for three minutes. And then polished with large brush.
7, The shoe wax. Shoes edge, upper had to take care of. Shoe wax is liquid, so that cortex is more gloss. After the finished shoe wax still drying, large brush polishing to get homogeneous liquid shoe wax.
8, Water-based shoe brush dipped in clean water, clean shoes inside.
9, Dry. This time in front of the dryer with a bit different, because inside is wet shoes, use shoe stays put shoes propped up to bake, 50 on it. The temperature is too high it's easy to make shoes unglued. 10-15 minutes.
10 And sterilization. After the direct sterilization drying takes 30 to 40 minutes.
Shoes should be the first re-use shoe pulling loose shoelace: Weekdays careful with use, is the first step in shoe care. Damage to start more from the heel shoes. Therefore, we can make more use of shoehorn shoes. Long-handled can be prepared at home, but usually is ready for carry-on. In addition, Chuan Xiezai Do not squeeze hard, wearing shoes with shoelaces shoelaces after release should be to cultivate the habit of wearing.
 * The use of shoe last to prevent deformation of shoes: to prevent deformation of shoes, insert shoe last the best results. Foot-shaped, walk method, temperature and moisture, rain and other factors will lead to aliasing of shoes, especially Jiaohan or who have been out of the rain, we must use a fixed shoe-shaped shoe last child. As the temperature and humidity will make leather slack remaining in the shoes when the body temperature must be configured.
* Buy to do immediately after the maintenance: new shoes are not coated with shoe polish, in order to protect the new shoes, clothing and shoe polish before he must protect painted, polished and sprayed with water mist. The above two steps to do and not do it, the speed of the relationship between aging and shoes great. Also, again like the shoes do not wear this every day. The exchange of different shoes use is one way to prevent the aging of shoes.
* The shoes must have the basic maintenance supplies: maintenance of essential supplies shoes have shoe brush, clean oil, shoe polish, cloth, water spray and other items. The best use of horse hair shoe brush, and at least two - a large shoe brush as a whole, small detail brush. Shoe polish should be shoe-color tie. Brown shoes with brown shoe polish, black with black shoe polish. The inconsistent nature of shoe polish and clean the oil, the shoes will not change color, so the first time a new shining shoes, cleaning should be inconspicuous place to play.
* Maintenance of the correct method: most recently used "a rub on the light" - a simple and convenient shoe polish more and more people. Zai Zai to be thin, but without casually rub on it, in order to extend the life of shoes. In the correct order is as follows: 
(1) Igshua the shoes with large shoe brush to see whether the shoes along the protruding part of the contaminated dirt? 
(2) Hoes, such as embossing or joints along the part of the fine dirt washed off with a small shoe brush dust. 
(3) Oose shoelace, and then clear the small shoe brush the dirt from the outside is not easy to see. 
(4) Queeze a little clean oil on the cloth, painted the shoes, this time, the most important thing is to be left in the shoes of the old shoe polish thoroughly clean and clear coated. 
(5) Ake another piece of cloth (not with the use of clean oil cloth mixed), stained with a little shoe polish, painted the entire shoe. Shoe polish about the size of the amount you can take the little finger. 
(6) Ainted the shoes, you use a clean soft cloth to polish the entire shoe only. Detail is also can not slack off. 
(7) Ast sprayed with water mist. Waterproof Fog not only make shoes to prevent water invasion, but also has the effect of easily contaminated by dirt. 
(8) aterproof dry fog, and then shoe last into their shoes.
* Drenched in post-maintenance method: shoes are wet after rain, immediately make appropriate disposal to make shoes is not deformed. 
(1) the first good use of absorbent cloth shoes absorb surface moisture. Too much force wipes their shoes attached dirt will sratch the risk of skin should be special attention. 
(2) Shoes built into the newspaper or toilet paper, more changed in order to completely dry moisture. 
(3) Dry to a certain level, it should be placed to prevent deformation of the shoe last. Dried and then placed in well-ventilated place. 
(4) Completely dry, then in accordance with the general maintenance of law and maintenance.
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