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How do I remove the stain
Put warm water in the washing machine to start the washing machine to rinse, add 84 disinfectant, Bangang bottles of water, add about a third of disinfectant, solvent dilution, into clothes, covered with lid, rinse about 25 minutes, 25 minutes later fish out of clothing, dry clothes after the regain its original color.
      If you want to avoid the clothes do not fade, just bought back the new Yi Yi, Xie Yan must be put in the water (a bucket of water 1 tsp), washed immediately with water to rinse clean, do not soak for too long Oh! Finally, do not in the sun exposure, the sun will dye variability oh ~ ~ should be placed on a cool well-ventilated place to dry.
     1. To use vinegar to wash what about where it was dyed
     2. Try color is called bleaching chemicals, such as the white color drift
     3. Disinfectant diluted with 84 after the bubble about to try a little, but we must master the dilution ratio and the immersion time, this and were stained clothes of the land and the relationship between the degree of being dyed, it's best drift several times, rather trouble spots, do not drift too far.
     4. Potassium permanganate and acetic acid, potassium permanganate, a little practice is to first dissolve in water, and then to rinse the clothes into them, to fully soaked, soaked 10 to 20 minutes, the clothes will be Chenganhongse, the clothes get , the wash about fresh water; and then a little acetic acid dissolve in water, the soaked clothes into the acetic acid solution of potassium permanganate, the clothes would slowly change from the original dark red color, and dyed parts be faded without damage to the original color of clothing. sometimes wearing the yellow dress can also use this approach.
     5. Containing anionic surfactants and detergent washing powder more than 1:1 by adding warm water to where it was dyed into the warm water soak for more than half an hour, and then a hand to scrub. If you still do not go to clean, put all the clothes into the water for more than 50 degrees by adding a small amount of detergent scrub to use to reduce the fading of the clothes were stained color.
     6. Be stained painted areas, or embroidered on a flower, a flower cover 100 .
     7. Will be dyed at water wet. And then painted with edible salt. Qingcuo their hands repeatedly. Except it was dyed the color will be gone. Then you can clean with water.
     8. The dyed clothing into the pot filled with hot water, baking soda per liter of water plus 10 keys. Laurel leaves covered with clothing, and thus let the night, next morning, clean look, you will find that they are again white.
     Note: The bleach bleach out of clothes to the poor health, bleaching is the use of special chemicals, tin compounds, is very strong chlorine products, clothes will be handled badly burned. Some are using potassium permanganate, and then by strong oxidation of hydrogen peroxide bleaching, and if you do not also add some white fluorescent brightener. These are very detrimental to the human body.
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