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The trend of men

Men than women of color slow, many people are not very clear about what is appropriate for their own colors, and "the right mix of clothing," one of the keys lies in the choice of colors. Experts according to hair color, skin color and eye color and so the men were divided into six types, each type of man has a corresponding color suitable mix of what we might refer, of course, black hair, black eyes, yellow skin The Chinese people are not so many types, dress code: simple, neat is the first thrust of the work clothing, winter clothing for men with this point is particularly important. No one would be prepared to deal with a man dressed slovenly. In addition, the texture of clothing for men is equally important, a texture of fine suits and a suit of poor texture difference is obvious.
With the program: Suit no doubt is the best choice, while the dark suit more appropriate for the Department, it makes you look even more prudent and pragmatic. You have to pay attention with that shirt, tie and shoes. Some, such as stationery, business cards, folders, accessories like belts, but also reflect the important details of your taste.

The trend of choice: 1, men's clothing with the trend of return to the traditional technique for this quarter, each brand has a very authentic suits launched, so that you have a lot of options. 2, T-shirt should choose a net color or pinstripe, to implement the low-key style. 3, tie you more personalized choices, you can go to costume according to their hobbies. 4, stationery, business cards, folders of accessories like the best choice for well-known brand, Montblanc is a good choice.
    Taboo: 1, unless you are the company's boss, do not wear a shirt printing. 2, do not wear the same pairs of shoes for three consecutive days. 3, do not wear a white suit. 4, three days of your suit, shirt and tie will not be repeated. 5, do not spray strong perfume.

Attending a friend's party

    Dress code: tight-fitting clothing will always be your first choice. These clothes will make you look very sexy, has also become the focus of a woman's attention to follow. In addition, some high-grade accessories will be necessary.

    With the program: exaggerated eye-catching clothes worth recommending, the human voice noisy night market, is that you can release one's own space. You can deliberately to portray themselves a little more beautiful, you can spray perfume on a full-bodied flavor.
    The trend of choice: 1, season big hot low-cut jeans a big selection of hot and then lining on the texture of fine silk shirt, so you have a fatal attraction. 2, if the weather is cold and then a little, then lean short leather jacket is a good choice, and then lining on a pair of boots, so you type the full grid. 3, such as necklaces, bracelets, rings and the like is giving the appearance of the accessories of the time, but the hand must be known, otherwise they will make you the same as with the avant-garde youth.
    Taboo: 1, never wear a suit, or else you'll find yourself going in the wrong place. 2, so as not to mention the handbags there, briefcase is prohibited category. 3, do not dress too flirtatious, or would only cause misunderstanding.


    Dress code: wear a solemn occasion, there is naturally a solemn, formal point. In general, you can go to work the set of wear, because, after all, unlike men, women, there is no Yanguangsishe of the evening you can choose (acknowledge your fate!).

With the program: if it is only a general dinner, you only need to wear a fit of the suit would be sufficient. If the re-grand point, you can wear a set of "Ti Si rabbits", and then squeezed in the chest pocket bag towel, when a British gentleman Innocent Steps.
    The trend of choice: one, the most insurance, of course, is a plain black suit with white shirt, as long as dinner is not too grand, then do not wear a tie, will release a collar button is on the list. 2, if you have enough confidence in their own right, you can boldly wear a pure white suit, it makes you a very eye-catching. 3, be sure to wear dress shoes.
    Taboo: 1, instead of coat to wear to a dinner party, it must be placed in cloakroom. 2, not to mention the briefcase there. 3, try not to go to dinner directly from the company, time permitting, it should take a shower, a clean change of clothing, so as to avoid an eolian.

    Pullover is subject to young men seeking simple clothes, simple, yet stylish, the design is simple and chest are also dynamic, youthful feel from the air.

    Two very simple jacket to wear together, although the fabrics are different there is a good texture, short jacket more suitable for relatively thin tall man.

    Into the fall and winter seasons, with a windbreaker is essential, and khaki-colored coat, which can be equipped with a light-colored T-shirts, and more visual effects, while the trend of greatly increased sense of scarf.

    Lapel black windbreaker with a white shirt, simple and has the fashion sense of a small bow tie is the eye-dotting ceremony of the Department so tough that some of the natural casual windbreaker.

    A small brown leather with a long purple sweater, there is the feeling of winter, and light-colored jeans, very layered, long sweater can also be replaced by T-shirt, also looked very handsome.
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