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        In order to regulate the U.S. DoubleTree Products Inc. on the Internet network agent sales practices, is formulated rules.
1, the network proxy name and define the

1, sub-network of two agents, one is a network agent, referred to as "the total net generation", 2 is a network-store agents, referred to as "net-store."

2, mesh networks can be developed General on behalf of a single shop as part of its two agents, right-store network to provide services and manage its own network and its two-store sales of the goods by the company in the proxy generated when all the illegal and contrary to this company's financial responsibility rules of law by the Director on behalf of the network directly to bear the full responsibility for the company. Network on behalf of a single store to accept the guidance of the overall network, service and management.

Second, all levels of agency discount and the lowest retail price agreement

1, the net total on behalf of the Company purchasing directly from the 2.1 fold according to retail price maintenance settlement, excluding postage shipping. The company regarded as the total net addition to the rebate on behalf of the level of performance, stability, the total net generation of Maori.

2, the total net generation and net single-store retail price maintenance by 2.27 fold settlement, excluding postage shipping. Network General on behalf of a single shop on the net sales support and policy on behalf of the net total formulation and implementation of its own, has nothing to do with the company's balance sheet.

3, net-store network of free to determine the retail price of goods, but not less than the retail price maintenance of the goods by the company to 2.8 fold.

Third, settlement

1, first paragraph after the cargo. The Company received payment and postage, freight shipment (available on behalf of the ship). Can be made by bank transfer or card Alibaba Alipay.

2, postage insufficient or excess freight charges, the company at the end of the reconciliation, sub-3 working days after the beginning of settlement, Duotuishaobu.

3, returned to help at the end of the reconciliation, sub-3 working days in early settlement rebate money directly to offset the purchase price.

4, quality service and postage, freight

Full-price goods belonging to the company's production quality problems, the company issued replacement and shoulder replacement of goods postage freight (freight not bear postage receipt). If the total net return of the goods by the company on behalf of, does not belong to the company's quality problems, the company is only responsible for replacement, does not undertake receive postage issued by freight.

5, the cash and order

1, the packet provided by the general available cash, such as out of stock, will in time pass Zhi Wang General on behalf of "stocking the"; network on behalf of wholesale orders, timely contact with the company's marketing department, according to a single situation returns to production scheduling.

2, order must first pay the amount of 30% of orders for the deposit and the balance settled before shipment with the freight charges.

6, authorization and assessment

1, all the networks on behalf of the first test run the total business, while its performance compliance, operational standards, the Company will be subjected to authorization granted "power of attorney"

2, the total net generation of the network platform to accept the company's assessment and record them.

3, there one of the following acts, the company to cancel the authorization or stopped supplying serious cases being dealt with its legal and economic responsibilities:

① incompatible with the rules of the first "two" reads as persons;

② the illegal use of the Company's license business license and other legal persons;

③ violation of the company's brand image, trademark, reputation persons;

④ of this brand manufactured, sold, selling fake products or phony;

⑤ The performance of non-compliance by examination;

⑥ other violations of state laws and regulations and contrary to our rules, regulations, persons;

7, he served as a network on behalf of or directly contract with the company's net sales were a single store in the business operations before they are required to sign and fax "Network sales agent rules of confirmation" to the company archive.

8, these rules in operation constantly improve, supplement, and timely public information
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