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DoubleTree was launched in 1992 to offer a stream lined service of managing a customer's product from concept and design through to production and delivery. 18 years later DoubleTree has grown to be one of the world's leading outsource connections to all lines of industries from industrial raw materials through to consumer end products.
In 2008 DoubleTree expanded the company to include a design, marketing and sales staff in the US to compliment the staff of designers, product development managers, engineers and logistics managers in China. The DoubleTree team's job is to listen to customers, investigate markets, study lifestyles, and explore factories looking for ideas, concepts, technology and design that inspires great product. It is with that knowledge and insight that we are able to help our customers bring product to the market that will grow their customer base, improve profit margins and increase their bottom line.
With offices in New York, Boston, Chicago, Beijing, Shenzhen, Xiamen and Shanghai China, our customers now have a complete network of Design, Manufacturing, Engineering, Logistics and Sales and Marketing professionals at their fingertips.
•         Partner your team with our design and product development specialists to analyze your needs, and enable you to meet your goals.
•         Offer engineering support both in the US and in China to evaluate the design/concept to achieve the most cost effective way to develop your product.
•         Bring in our China office to contact potential suppliers ideal for the specific project.
•         Provide quality assurance through control specialists and engineers with decades of experience overseeing production of all types of products throughout China.
•         Supply international logistical management and supply chain services tailored to our customer's exact needs.
•         Provide measurable cost savings to improve your profit margins and bottom line.
•         Our mission is to bring product to the market that delights, excites, and improves the lives of our customers.
•         To establish DoubleTree Products as the world's leading supplier of innovative and original products of the highest quality, with inspired and imaginative design, and of exceptional value.
Engineers with over twenty years experience in cutting edge technology in both manufacturing and in product mechanisms.
A team with over twenty-five years experience in design, product development, marketing, and sales .
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